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Friday, May 02, 2014

Reactivating !!!!

WOW! I didn't realize I have actually put this blog on hold for ONE YEAR!!!! Exactly ONE YEAR!!! tsk tsk tsk... What I have been doing !!!

Errr... Last year was pretty busy infact, was bz moving house, bz chasing numbers for work, bz traveling for my graduation, bz taking care of my new family member *ahem* do not take it wrongly, it's a puppy, her name is Ng Mi Mi *heh* And she's now 10 months old, almost 1 year, but she's still very cute to me, bz with etc etc etc.... I also don't know what I am bz with.. which tell the time flies super super fast!!!!! Can't hold any of it!!!!

That's 3 of us as a happy family. We brought her out for her first outing in Desa Park City. 

Soooo..... again! Let's REACTIVATE this blog! And hope that everything will be consistently updating so that this blog is active enough for viewing! :) Thank you for the patience....

Monday, April 29, 2013

Malaysis General Election - 13

This end of week on the Sunday, which the Malaysia 13th General Election will be happened on that day. All of the Malaysians are waiting for this day whether they are in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, US and so on. Everyone just can't wait to vote.

After so many years, this is my first time of my life to participate in election. Hmmm...People who has been supporting this event says that it will help with the vote that you are holding.. so let's see for this time that I am participating and see whether is there any difference.

As for my own thoughts of the election, to whichever party that wins, I don't feel that will much effect to me and something is definitely won't change:

- The PM will still definitely a Malay and Malaysia will still a Muslim country.
- My salary won't be raised
- My tax still need to pay
- My EPF still need to contribute
- I am still paying the same to buy car and house
- I am still a 2nd level citizen
- etc....

There's so much more to mention about. So what will that help myself in personally?


That's why when people saying about attending ceramahs in difference housing areas to give support, my first thought was, their attitudes are just like those MLM  companies, insurance companies.

May be it has been too many of those activities that going on, and all these have been irritating me and I felt so frustrated about all these acts. And I hope the election could able to come to an end soon.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome Back!!!

Tick tock tick tock!!

Look back to the last post, it's been half year ago!!! And it's already year 2013 now!!!! TIME is like ROCKET!!!!! Running 1000000000000000000000000000/sec? It's uncountable.

But one thing that I have released from last year was I have finally done with my final project, but I am yet officially a MBA graduate and waiting for result on May to be released. So wish me luck on this.

In fact, I have lots to update since the last post, but was busying with my project and didn't even bother to look into this blog anymore. Until I have done with the project, that time was too happy to go out quite often and didn't even want to bother the blog, too! I am regretted on this.

 September: Phuket Trip
 October: Cheng Mun's House Warming
 November: Langkawi
December: Shanghai, Suzhou, Hang Zhou Trip

See!! That's only until last year Dec. No worries, definitely I will update all these into the blog and keep things up in the future. Since I have done with my MBA final project, this blog will be my project forever life time. 

So stay tune for the updates!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I do not know what to put as the title, but that is the exact expression came from my heart!

Oh! Before getting in too much, would like to share something I felt at least slightly release and happy at this moment.. Finally I have gone through Chapter 2 and 3 review from my supervisor for the thesis!!!!!

It was really a nightmare for me and I have been struggling and thinking of giving up to continue with the writings! But I am lucky enough, I have some true friends around me to support! Especially my BaoBei!! I love to do my assignment in somewhere else like Starbucks or any cafes, and he will be sitting beside me, doing his own thing and let me get my assignment done. This I call the "invisible support". Why did I say so? Because he has a choice, while I was doing my assignment, he actually can choose to go out with his friends, go drinking sessions which all these I have been asking him to do so, but, every time he rejected me. You will not find this rejection sour but sweet. ^_^

And, what I need to do now is to tidy up the questionnaires, and send it out before my Phuket trip, and later come back continue with the analysis writings again. Yes. I am heading to Phuket again!

This time round, will be going with parents (which is their first trip that I am sponsoring), with Vic Ng couple. hahaa.. Supposed to be a "honeymoon" trip for me and Baobei for our being together 2nd year anniversary. Ended up, another 4 more people going with us. Just like last year, our trip to Hatyai, ended up Stephen and Foong Kuan to join us. But still, we are welcoming people to join our trip.  The more the merrier. Let's see who will be joining us by next year. hehee...

Until I have done my thesis, I will do more updates, I PROMISE. Just to make it a habit and also to utilize my thesis time into blogging time. :) do more writings to prepare for my PHD!!! waahahahaaa.... :P

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Where to get healed?

When was the last post?  I couldn't even remember but I know definitely at least half year ago I have posted on this blog.

I have set a mission this year that I HAVE to complete my MBA by finishing my final thesis. But it was really sooooooooooo suffering! I almost give up to do my thesis which means I rather let my MBA fail than doing the thesis. I think this probably is because last year I had a good time of traveling around, enjoying life, attending just an elective in the middle of the year and now this year, I have to suffer the final thesis. Mainly also because I am doing it alone. arrgghhhhhhh.......

Until now, my energy, my brain function has been keep on draining and I still have to keep it up! I left like 1.5 half months time to finish it? Supposed to have longer period but my first draft have taken me like few months to draft it out AND I have went to the wrong direction of the title!!!! So means, I have RESTARTING it again!!!! arggghhhhh!!!! HELP!!!!! really need so much help!!!! and I am so lucky that Nigel is able to help up on this!!!!! He has given me the brain storm ideas. At least I have different input for the write up. But definitely, I really want to thanks my supervisor. She is really good that she was willing to bring me back to the right direction since I have written so wrongly in my first draft.With her guide, I think I could have better idea on how to continue doing my writeup.

Sigh... at the time of period rushing for this thesis, I am also working out for an apparel selling section in baobei's mum's shop. Means I will be taking up one corner of the shop to sell women clothing, which also one of my dream thing that I would like to do for looong loooooooong looooooooooooooong time ago. So and now I have the opportunity!!!! So I just have to grab it even though it's not at the right timing. So I have taken it up and prepare to do stock in, presentation for the corner of the shop, pricing calculation etc... So it's another busy things for me to do and taken a lot of my time. Some say, why don't I delay this plan and concentrate on the assignment first? But what my thought was, the opportunity is just right in front of my face, whether take it or leave it. Later maybe a lot of things might happen? Like the shop corner has been taken by other people again? Because the mum actually helped others to sell their apparel before. So I have to act fast!! Therefore, I have started to place order and the stocks already arrived and I shall be preparing to hang up to the shop soon!!!! Can't wait can't wait because this is something I dream to do it!! So let's see how it goes, whether this would be a continuous business or just one time business, but definitely I hope it will be a continuous business to run.

And another at the same time, I have a friend was asking help to do some e-marketing for him. So I have promised and willing to help since it's also something related to what I am doing for my thesis, and I am interested into it, too. So another job to take up again!!!!

So in total, there's like 4 things for me to do at the same time!! One, my career in my current company, secondly my MBA thesis, thirdly the apparel selling shop and fourthly e-marketing for my friend. argghhhhh...............I am going insane!!!! But the heaviest stone that I have is the thesis. I really hope that I could able to finish it on time and throw away this stone!!!! It's been torturing me. I need back my life.

May be for others might think that I should just concentrate my current job and thesis and let go others. But, calculating if there's extra pocket money for it? WHY NOT doing it??? Furthermore, baobei has bought a house for our future, so we need to do renovation for it. Who gonna pay for the bills? Definitely both of us!!!! SO ?? I shall work even harder to get more $$$. Working just for my current job does not able to support for the current situation. Sigh... sometimes.. really think that salary is not enough. But how? Unless changing new environment.. but NAH! at this point of time, won't be thinking about it, may be later?

Was thinking last night while on the way to sleep, I have not been traveling this year besides the Siam Riep trip. I wish to be like last year, traveling to various places. And hopefully by this year end I could able to travel to Europe, too with enough budget and time and with relax mode.

SO what's the conclusion for all these? I need to PUSH PUSH PUSH myself to finish all these!!!!!!! PLEASE SUPPORT!!!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy (CNY) new year!!!

I didn't notice that I actually wished everyone happy new year at the beginning of the year and until my baobei mentioned it to me.

And now I would like to take this chance to wish everyone happy belated new year 2012 and happy Chinese new year!!! Gong hei fatt choy!!!

Hope that in the dragon year, everyone could have a prosperity life and stay healthy and wealthy!!

Gong hei gong hei!!!!